Transportation, Forwarding & Logistics

In a world where fast shipping is not just a luxury, but an expectation, it has never been so complicated to get something or someone from point A to point B quickly, safely and efficiently. Choosing the right type of logistics transportation for your company is crucial for the success of your business, the safety of your product and the happiness of your customer. The growth of online sales, have led many traditional retailers to get involved in the transport and supply end of the business, which means plenty of opportunities for new roles and responsibilities

Transport and Logistics industry benefits form the advancements of new technologies with enormous impact on transforming the way you chose to move goods (by air, sea or land). Technologies have allowed real-time monitoring of flow and resources, transparency across multiple points. In this highly competitive market both information and physical products must move with efficient speed and at lower cost, paired with improved service.

This are all challenges that the transport and logistics industry had to face until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this pandemic the new challenge is the answer of the big question: where did all the workers go? It seems nowadays that the employees have more of a choice then ever to leave a company. Employees have the possibility to work from home, to start a new school online, to choose a new career path more easily. Therefore, the labor market tightness has only increased. More employment options mean less reliance on the current position—therefore, employees are more likely to leave their current employer if they are not satisfied with their position, company, or growth potential.

Global Transport and Logistics industry is facing another unprecedented challenge because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the emergence of the COVID-19, supply chains across the world drastically slowed down for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to disrupted shipping lanes, labor and material shortages and fluctuating demand. Every sector of forwarding and logistics is to some degree affected.